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December 29, 2023

Start The New Year Right with CBD

Black Dahlia

What’s your New Year’s resolution? As we begin another new year many of us are determined to make healthier choices. Whether it’s to increase exercise, eat more dark leafy greens or reduce stress, improving personal fitness and mental health remain at the top of our lists. Over 80% of those who begin a New Year’s resolution, however, lose steam by February and abandon their goals altogether.  Read on to discover how adding CBD into your daily routine might help you achieve – and keep – your New Year’s resolution.

Why Consider CBD as a Part of Your New Year’s Resolution?

The many benefits of CBD make it an ideal tool to support your personal physical and mental wellness goals for the upcoming year.  As more research is conducted, the health benefits of CBD continue to become clear. CBD is primarily taken to help reduce anxiety but can also enhance mood, improve sleep quality, support pain, reduce inflammation, and increase concentration and focus.

By consistently using CBD every day, the beneficial effects have time to develop. Daily consumption allows the impacts to gradually build up in your system and provide sustained improvements in wellness. Most people feel the immediate effects of CBD within 20-40 minutes. When CBD is combined with other functional ingredients, like melatonin for sleep or ashwagandha for calming, you will often experience results right away as those ingredients kick in. The longer term impacts of CBD itself, however, can take time to build up in the system  which is why sticking with it for at least a 21-30 days is so important.

Finding the right dose that works for you might take a while and vary greatly from someone else.  Similarly, the effects of CBD can be experienced very differently too. Everyone is unique and your individual dosage will be based on several factors including your weight, diet, metabolism, and overall lifestyle.

How to Incorporate CBD into Your New Year’s Routine

Do you want to sleep better? Stress less? Feel at ease overall? When considering your specific wellness goals for the new year, think about how and when adding CBD could help support that goal.  Here are some of the ways to make CBD a part of your new healthy routine:

Wake Up to Wellness: Morning CBD

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee every morning, consider starting your day with CBD. Whether it’s through a tincture added to your smoothie or tea, starting your day with a dose of CBD can help to stimulate alertness and set a calm tone for the day ahead.

Nail that Presentation: CBD Before Stressful Events

Do you get anxious with work pressures or suffer from social anxiety? Consuming CBD half an hour before stressful events can help manage anxiety levels, keeping you calm and focused. This can be done via a discreet and tasty edible confection – such as a gelée (our premium gummy), lollipop, or dark chocolate bonbon.

Saying Goodbye to the Midday Slump: Afternoon CBD Boost 

Instead of reaching for a caffeinated soda or a sugary snack to fight that afternoon energy slump, try CBD. The calming effects can help give you a boost without the jitters, and maintain clear-headed energy throughout the remainder of your day.

Ensuring a Good Night’s Sleep: CBD Bedtime Routine

Unwind at the end of the day with a CBD bonbon or a relaxing CBD gelee to create a supportive bedtime ritual. CBD has calming effects and reduces both pain and anxiety which can help prepare your mind and body for a restful night’s sleep. Overtime, taking a nightly dose of CBD can help to regulate your circadian rhythm and create a more consistent and peaceful sleep pattern.

Small steps add up big when it comes to your personal health and wellbeing. Take your time in integrating CBD into your daily routine and pay attention to how your body and mind responds. 


Studies show that joining a group can help you stay committed to a New Year’s resolution. Consider asking a trusted friend or partner to join you on your journey. There is proven strength in numbers when sticking to a goal! Better yet, your loved one also can benefit from discovering the many health benefits of CBD too.

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