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Black Dahlia is committed to groundbreaking science, ethically-sourced botanicals and conscientious craftsmanship. Through innovative collaborations with leading scientists, artisans and makers, we create inspired hemp-infused products that deliver quality, efficacy and serenity.

Our dynamic Collective is guided by creativity and compassion, a genuine desire to improve each other’s lives, and a commitment to helping our communities.


From our Team

Meet the Collective

Dear Friends,

Our journey to founding Black Dahlia really began decades ago. The initial seeds were planted when we started to evaluate how to live and thrive sustainably and ethically in a global world. We computed our personal carbon footprints in order to understand the ways in which our daily choices contribute to the realities of climate change and resolved to utilize science to be part of the solution, rather than the problem.

We believe innovation must be viewed through multiple lenses, including its impact on our environment, our communities, and our social and mental wellbeing. We also believe in a holistic view of health and wellness.

For years, we have been awed by the environmental benefits of hemp and its many practical industrial and medicinal benefits. An awakening occurred for us when a close friend shared a book about the history and science of hemp. We eagerly delved into the growing scientific and medical research exploring hemp-derived cannabinoids as well as cannabinoids naturally occurring in our bodies.

As we explored further, there was a clear unmet need to deliver truly inspiring and joy-inducing hemp-infused products that were effective, enjoyable, safe and responsible. We committed to create something new that could live up to the promise and power of the inimitable hemp plant. Botanicals had always intrigued us, including the delicate yet formidable Dahlia flower. With this inspiration, Black Dahlia was born.

We started by inventing an all-natural, superior formulation that could be absorbed efficiently by the body without the synthetic additives that were in many other products.  Our vision expanded and our roots became strong as we formed a unique collective of passionate collaborators. Working first with an amazing team of chefs and artisans, we set out to incorporate our all-natural formulations into the highest-quality products that could support and uplift people in their daily self-care rituals.

We hope you find that our products provide a meaningful experience and instill a sense of focus, calm and joy in your daily routines. Our mission at Black Dahlia to enhance individual and collective well-being is only the beginning. We invite you to join us on this growing journey as we continue to create a future guided by creativity, compassion and conscientious innovation.

In gratitude,

Black Dahlia



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