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Black Dahlia CBD is an artisanal luxury CBD brand that offers the highest quality CBD product lines of elevated edibles, silky skin care, and calming candles infused with all-natural, cannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Using patent-pending nano-technology, Black Dahlia CBD products deliver a delicate dose of CBD and are sophisticated, THC-Free, Vegan, non-GMO, and Alcohol-free.

Inspired by art, wellness and philanthropy, including the historic John Sowden House in Los Angeles, designed by architect Lloyd Wright, all Black Dahlia CBD products are created using the finest ingredients to embody balance: the yin & yang, beauty & science, enhanced living & wellness, luxury & responsibility.

Black Dahlia luxury CBD oral sprays, gelées, hard candies, cosmetics and candles encapsulate this balance to help create elevated experiences – order yours below for delivery.

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